I got this one wish
I got this one dream
I have this one hope
For everything.

Can you see it?
Do you feel it?
Can you even understand it?
Does the demand of it overwhelm you?
Keep you from it?

You can’t be half in,
You can’t only commit part way,
You must give it all up,
For it to be anything.

Half ass is nothing
When life or death is on the line
Be all in or walk away
Because on the fence,
It’s wasting time.

Like sand through an hour glass
The minutes tick by
Passing faster and faster
There is no rewind.

So choose
And choose now.
If you don’t choose
You just might never know how
The life that you saved
Might actually take a bow

We try and we try
And we think we are saving
But are not the ones
The ones who are braving
Courage is not with a Savior Complex
It’s giving up everything we’re craving

To try is nothing
To let go is everything
Wishes and dreams and hopes need hands to fill and overflow
But our hands must be empty of all we take hold of

So choose in
Choose in now
To let life in, let life be full
For it can only be as you allow.



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