Less than two months
You turned my world upside down
Less than two months
You went from I miss you
To nothing at all
Less than two months
Is all it took
This time

And this time
There will be no next time

The more you pull away
The sooner I’ll walk away
To the point when I’ll be gone



Rejection is a powerful thing
It can supersede everything
When rejected, nothing else seems to matter
Till the rejection turns to acceptance


You teach people how to treat you

I’ve been told
that you teach people how to treat you
well I guess
I’ve taught you
to take what parts of me that you like
and discard the rest
I am not too much
I am perfect just the way I am
beautifully flawed
and perfectly imperfect

I’ve been told
that you teach people how to treat you
well I guess
you’ve taught me
to mistrust you
to hold you at a distance
and to not be fully myself with you
you’re not a bad person
Just not right for me


Relationships Take Work

You can’t just fix something
you have to work at it every day
relationships take work consistently
working at the relationship is what makes it work
not fixing it one time and then hoping that it’ll be OK
that will be enough
It’s not enough
you have to choose in every day
and work at it
It is not about you
it’s about both people and if you don’t focus what’s best for both people
and compromise
Otherwise the relationship won’t work

Just a Fix

She knows there is no future with me
So no feelings
No attachment
No real desire at all
Just for fun
Just a fix

She fixed it
For fun
For her

I let it happen
Even though I knew
Nine years and counting
Maybe this time would be different

Or maybe I’ll have to wait 9 more
To gain access to her depth
Her feelings and emotions
Her passions and desires
Nine more years and I might

I might be more than a fix.