Cake, Part 2

I want you like I want cake
I desire your sweetness
I crave your goodness
I want to savor all that you have to offer
You’ll make me feel good
And I will make you feel wanted
We will have a moment
And it will be amazing

But -like cake- when it’s over…
It’s over
And I’m left feeling empty
More hungry than before
And I’m also left with something…
Unhealthy baggage in my life
You offered me nothing healthy
Only empty, sugary sweetness

The only way to save myself is to not.
To not indulge in the emptiness you offer.

The truth is…
I want to
Over and over
But the more I do
The more I’ll pack in
The baggage will be heavier
I’ll weigh more

I’ll have nothing of worth to show for it
You don’t add anything to my life
But pain and regret

I want you like I want cake.
Don’t worry you’re not alone.
I’m trying to avoid cake too.