Have you ever heard of sense memory? When I think of sense memory, I think of memory, usually an emotional memory, that is connected to one of your senses, such as a sound or song that holds meaning for you or maybe the taste or feel of something might bring up a feeling for you, perhaps it’s a smell or something you see like a place or an object or person? and that person brings up all kinds of emotions for you. If the emotions and the feelings connected with that sense, that taste or feel or smell or sight, are negative then you avoid it.

For me, you are negative sight and that may not be a nice thing to say but it is the truth and the truth isn’t always nice.

“why do I always end up with men who treat me terribly?” and “why do you go about your life as if you haven’t left wreckage in your wake?”

The answers to these questions aren’t nice but they are the truth and the truth will set you free and if I have any part of me that is not free because I have some lies somewhere that someone is telling me.

Or that I am telling myself.