Close your eyes
Indulge me if you will

The colors flit across the sky
I try to capture them in a brush stroke
But the canvass can’t contain the beauty…
No….the marvelous…
No, there isn’t a word for it
Words can’t describe it
The English language isn’t enough for it
Only the soul can fully know the awe
Can grasp on to the greatness
The power of what it is
It speaks straight to my soul
No words needed
Breathes life into my heart
My heart has been broken into many pieces,
I’d given it away
And yet I was never in love like I thought I was
I was lusting, desiring
Desiring their touch
on my body, on my soul, on my mind, on my life
It wasn’t love
We speak
Love speaks
Speaks of
Who we are….
Whose we are


Stifled yet Indulgent, Indulgent yet Stifled

White people
Let’s call it what it is
Savior complex
“That’s why they do what they do”
Nah, y’all do it because it makes you feel better
I would know
Because I did/ do it too
I’m in upper middle class home in west Omaha
Indulging in an amazing dinner
Yet feel stifled by the fact that I’m sitting with people who think that it’s “ok” to just be working at North
And that “we all had the same opportunities” but “he had to prove himself” so he shot the boy

I call bullshit

I’m white
I’ll never understand
But one thing I do understand.
It’s NOT been an even playing field