Love is Vanity, Love is Unconditional

I’ve thought a little about what you said to me last night, do I miss him for how he made me feel or do I really miss him? And the truth is that I do miss him for how he made me feel, and also for him, who he is, because JT is passionate, he is a wooer, he wins others over, he has never met a stranger, just friends he hasn’t met yet, he has this zeal for life and learning, for knowing others and himself in deeper, more impactful ways, he is not content to just be but to always be becoming better and making others better in the process, he sees his future as more than a place to get to but a place that he is creating right now with his choices, he doesn’t regret, he is not afraid of mistakes, he sees them as lessons, as an important part of who he is, in fact, I think he even looks forward to them, leans into them when they come…and through it all he is smiling, laughing, eagerly awaiting, genuinely happy, perpetually positive, not brought down by negative people, looking for ways to lighten their spirit, living into and loving the flaws of life and the challenge of challenging people, seeing the beauty in the imperfections, he is inquisitive and excited by the complexity of life; when he commits, he is committed, taking mindful ownership over it, focused on seeing it through to completion. As I write, they keep coming, the things about him that would make a person crave his presence and miss him in his absence.


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