Day Two Is Over

It is either growth and maturity in selflessness
Or I really love him
My reaction is to stand up for him
If it seems like people want to take my “side”
I want them to see the best in him even though I don’t understand why
Two days–
Forty-nine hours and fifty-three minutes
Not like I’m counting or anything
It seems like days, weeks
I haven’t even seen him in a week but even that feels like longer
Our lack of communication and the knowledge that we are no longer together
It’s like I’m missing a part
A part of me that made sense,
that made me happy,
that felt… Right.

Now day two is over and I don’t want to move on,
So I won’t,
I’ll wear the earrings
I’ll think of him
Of us
I’ll keep him alive in me

Then, when I’m ready, I’ll be at peace
Knowing I tucked him away on my heart
And that’s where he will stay
Because he found his way into my heart.



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