Learning, yearning to know more, to understand the world and its people, questioning, always wanting to go deeper, seeking out knowledge, desiring to hear opinions, listening and acquiring understanding, wanting to hear others thoughts.


Seeing the best in the world, believing it all could be better, trusting the best in people, pushing for the best in yourself, calling out the goodness in others, viewing no one as strangers only friends you haven’t met yet


Loved me, held me, heard me, affirmed me, showed me grace, patience and kindness, turned me into a believer, worked through conflict with me, made me laugh and love, made me dance and sing


Committed to me, to us, to long term, to working through it, to staying in the room, said yes, chose this, chose me, cared enough, loved unconditionally, put me first, wanted this, wanted us, desired me

You didn’t



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