Shit, this is raw
Life is not playing
It’s no longer about meandering through the days
Be more intentional?
Hold on?
Have the right words?


I ain’t got an answer…

I’m mentally and emotionally overstimulated
But wondering if I need to lean into the discomfort and unknown
I wouldn’t say it’s stress or depression
It’s more like a lot of emotions I can’t name
Which makes me feel vulnerable and powerless
Which is hard and uncomfortable for me
Knowing I’m powerless

And that’s ok….?



I Hate Being Addicted

Craving the next word,
Hanging on to every text,
Desiring your affections,
This is my addiction.

And I hate who I am when I am addicted


You’ve Gotten Inside of Me

I had made up my mind,
You were not going to get inside,
Not in my head,
Not in my soul,
Not in my body,
Then I gave you an inch, innocently
And that’s how it always starts,
Kindly, I smiled and played along,
I loved the feeling of being seen and heard,
It was 6:22 and one-hundred forty-nine hours later I’m ensnared,
Your hook caught up in me deeper than I had planned,
Thought I was in control, but I
I was lying to myself,
Did I play along…

Only to get played?