Not Real

He loves the novelty of it
I love the feeling of being lusted after
But it’s not real.

I don’t know him
He doesn’t know me
Could we hold up in a conflict?
Could he handle every part of me?
Could I be willing to put up with all he is?

It’s smoke and mirrors.
Desires and fantasies.
It’s not real.

Only time will tell.
Time will test it.
Trials will test it.
If it breaks
It’s not real.

If it doesn’t….




Spent some time this weekend with TLC.
Was reminded that I don’t want no scrubs,
No need to go chasing waterfalls,
And can’t let other people make me feel unpretty.

Beautiful mess.

If I could be your She

If I could be your She,
I wouldn’t be perfect.
Might even drive you crazy.
Be messy, moody and misdirect
All my emotions on to you.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Passive- Aggressive,
Too clingy.

We will most likely argue and fight.
Not always see eye to eye.
You’ll believe you are right.
I’ll believe I know best.
We’ll disagree
You may even see the ugliest parts of me.

But if I could be your She,
The joy, the laughter, the fun, the moments I would bring into your life.
I have so much to offer you.
You have so much to offer too.
You cut yourself short when you refuse to commit.
You lose out, you miss the greatness that could be,
If I was your She.